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Torqi Kurv - E-250 24v kids electric bike



A scaled-down, electric-powered motor bike that has been specifically designed for kids. Start them young on the slow speed setting with the balance wheel kit fitted. Then watch them improve and progress to the faster speed setting balancing on their own. Features hybrid tyres suitable for on and off road use & a chain-driven motor that delivers reliable performance.

Delivery available to all of the UK and Europe


Bikes are dispatched 1-2 days after we receive your order unless it is a pre-order or it is stated on our website that delivery times will be delayed. UK mainland delivery is a 1-2 working day service from dispatch. Delivery outside of the UK in the EU is usually a 3-7 working day service from dispatch.


Slow speed setting with balance wheels fitted – 3 years +
Fast speed setting or without balance wheels fitted – 6 years +
Please note the riders age is always at the parent or guardian's discretion!.
-Max rider load: 50kg
-Bike weight: 23kg
-Batteries: 24V (2 x 12V 10AH) sealed lead acid rechargeable batteries.
-Battery charger: Included. (3 pin UK fused plug)
-Motor: 250w
-Seat height: 43cm
-Wheelbase: 63cm
-Handlebar height: 70cm
-Foot peg to seat: 30cm
Key Features
-Easily removable balance wheel kit.
-Large pneumatic hybrid tyres suitable for on and off road use.
-Two speed settings: Slow speed - Approx 5mph Fast speed - Approx 12mph

Please note speeds stated may vary depending on riding conditions and rider weight.
-Battery life: Slow Speed - Approx 1 hour of constant use.

Fast Speed - Approx 30 minutes of constant use. 
Please note battery life may vary depending on the speed setting, rider weight and riding conditions. It is also important to note that with this type of battery it is essential that it is not left uncharged for a long period of time or stored in freezing cold temperatures. If you do not use the bike for more then 1 month it is important to charge the bike keep the batteries in good condition. 

-Charge time: 4 - 5 hours.
-Twist and go throttle with battery level display.
-Chain driven.
-Hand operated rear disc brake.
-Steel powder coated frame.
-Foam bar pad.
-Folding foot pegs.
-Retractable kick stand.
-Torqi graphics kit included.


-Name and race number sticker sheets included to customise front number board . 

Sticker sheet.jpg

-External charge port for easy charging without battery removal.
-Alloy wheels.
Bikes are delivered fully assembled minus the handlebars. All that you need to do is charge the bike and fit the handlebars to the risers. This is just 4 bolts and very straight forward. Please see owners manual for more information. All of the controls i.e throttle and brake lever are already fitted to the handlebars. 
Each bike comes with a UK charger, owners manual and tool kit. Please note EU orders outside of the UK are dispatched with an EU charger. 


Available in 8 colours



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