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Bringing you high quality electric motorbikes designed for children to have fun. Our bikes are scaled down motorbikes that feature a steel frame, alloy wheels and rubber air filled tyres. These electric bikes utilise an electric motor and batteries that allow the bikes to reach speeds up to 12mph. Also offering a slow speed setting that limits the bikes to 5mph for beginners. Twist and go throttle.

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Torqi Helmet Black.jpg

-What differentiates Torqi bikes from other brands?

At Torqi bikes we concentrate 100% on supplying children's electric motorbikes, we put all our effort into this product to make sure it is the best it can possibly be for the end customer. For this reason, we believe our kids electric motorbikes are the best available within this market. 

We don’t just sell bikes, we also offer great after sales support for the electric motorbike for kids, we work very hard to ensure we keep all spare parts in stock for our kids electric powered motorbikes, so you have everything you need to maintain your bike.  
You can view and order our bikes and all the spare parts via our online shop.


Torqi childrens electric powered motorbikes are supplied with a 3 months parts warranty. 
You do not need to buy fuel to run your Torqi bike, you simply charge it using the charger supplied and then go riding. Our bikes are great for helping young children build their confidence riding. They can use the balance wheels supplied with the bike to help them learn to ride. 



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